Laboratory Safety:- The Do and the Don’t inside of the Lab

It’s the beginning of a new school term or semester, where some students will be taking science for the first time. In my blog, I will be giving you the most important rules that you should follow in a lab.

Do and don’t in a lab

1.Don’t go into the lab unsupervised

This is a golden rule in most laboratories whether it is high school, college or university. There can be various reasons like lab assistants had set up the lab for a particular experiment for the lecture or teacher. There are inflammable chemicals and need special supervision just to need a few reasons.

2.Don’t eat or drink in a lab
Since the lab contains chemicals, it easy for foods and drinks to be contaminated. In fact, when leaving the lab ALWAYS wash your hands. This is a precaution so that you wouldn’t carry out any toxic materials with you out of the lab.

3.Don’t play or run in the lab
The lab is not a playground. In fact, you are your brother keeper. Meaning, that your colleagues(friends) will be carrying chemicals, equipment to one location to another location. Therefore, you have to be careful.

4.Keep your space or surrounding clean
If liquid spill it is easier to clean up. And also

5.Always wear proper attire
Since the lab is made up of many chemicals, wearing the correct clothing and gear is important.
For girls and I guess for boys also. If you have long hair try to keep the hair neat or put it in a ponytail. Something that will keep the hair out your face or will not interrupt you went doing your experiments.

Always wear goggles:- This is to prevent any chemicals going into your eyes
Always wear your lab coats:- This is to prevent your clothes getting dirty or if an accident occurs it can be easily taken off the coats.
Wear long pants and enclosures shoes
And also wear gloves necessary

6.Always follow instructions

The key word is LISTEN. In facts always arrive early for the lab talk. This is where the lecturer or sometimes the lab assistance decided to something in the lab manual for some reason. Also during the lab always be attentive because there might be fire drill or something or last minute change for the experiment.


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